How to Prepare for Meditation: 9 Ways to Ground Yourself

Do you know how to prepare for meditation? We’ve all been told to ground ourselves, but have you ever thought about what that actually means? “Feel your roots grow into the ground.” “Feel heavy in your pelvis.” “Sink into the support beneath your body.” All of these instructions make sense—sorta. Grounding is a basic and Read More


What Is The Difference Between Meditation and Mindfulness?

What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness. Recently I joined fellow meditator and Showrunner Harry Duran, the host of Podcast Junkies, to discuss this question and much more. We explore the importance of meditation teachers and mentors, the power of going on silent retreat, the difference between mindfulness and meditation, the incredibly short time we have Read More


What Is Transmission Meditation? How Meditation Moves Between Us

Many years ago, after spending time with different meditation teachers, I became aware of an interesting phenomenon. Some teachers seemed to have the ability to actually transmit their own state of meditative awareness to their students. Sometimes I would attend a meditation class and walk away feeling good from the meditation, but I didn’t necessarily Read More